Ripping music from Spotify using Replay Music – Editor’s Choice!

Replay Music
Replay Music is by far the best application for ripping music from Spotify. Replay Music will automaticly name all the files you rip and put then in the appropriate album folder. The ripping quality is also the best we have heard. And it is the only ripper that plugs directly into Spotify so that it isn’t affected by any background noise from IM’s or anything using your soundcard. It´s not free but its well worth the €15 it costs because it will save you a lot of time and get you the best result.
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Using Replay Music to rip from Spotify:


    1. I assume you have downloaded the trial or bought the application by now. So lets start of by configuring Replay Music. Press “Settings”.

Replay Music Tutorial

    1. Here you can select the folder were your saved files will be placed. Il’e go with the default option on that one (My Music/Replay Music Recordings). Then make sure that “Input Source:” is set to “Audio Driver”.
      Replay Music Tutorial 2
    2. Now go to the top of the window and go to the “Output” tab. Here you might wan´t to change “File name format:” to “%A – %T” for better looking file names. Then change the quality of the ripping from 128kbit/s to 192kbit/s. Setting a higher bitrate then 192kbit/s will not result in better quality because Spotify Spotify streams music at ~168kbit/s. Then change CBR to VBR for better audio quality and smaller file size.Replay Music Tutorial 3
    3. Now close the settings window cause it´s time to start ripping!


    1. Start Spotify and find an album or a playlist you want to rip. Im going to a party so i want to rip my fiesta playlist.

Replay Music Tutorial 4

    1. Now open Replay Music and press “Start Recording”

Replay Music Tutorial 5

    1. Now change “Album:” to the playlist name or album name. If your not ripping complete albums or playlist you could leave the default album name there. If you don´t use iTunes you should untick “Add tracks to iTunes”. Then press “Ok”.

Replay Music Tutorial 6

    1. Switch back to Spotify and start your playlist or album. Now Replay Music will rip all the tracks you play in Spotify and name them while you listen to them. So you can leave Replay Music on in the background and it will rip anything you play on Spotify until you press “Stop Recording”. The files will be located in My Music/Replay Music Recordings/Albumname if you kept the default setting.
    2. If everything is working as its supposed your Replay Music should look something like the screen shot below. And if Replay Music names any of the ripped tracks wrong you can easily edit them manually by clicking “Edit Track(s)”.

Replay Music Tutorial 7

  1. Thats it. If you haven’t already downloaded or bought Replay Music you can do that here.




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